Who we are

A local supply chain

We’re proud to raise our cattle in the fertile pastures of the Diamantina Shire in Western Queensland, alongside abundant wildlife in diverse, thriving landscapes.

Our animals are prepared for market at our grain feeding facility in the rich farming country of the Darling Downs, and all processing occurs in our own plant in the Lockyer Valley.

A commitment to sustainability and animal welfare 

Our farmers are stewards of all the animals and the vast natural grasslands in our care. Our cattle are constantly monitored and cared for by our trained stock people to create a calm and relaxing environment.

This high-level of stock and land care is maintained throughout the whole beef production process to ensure consistent quality and flavour.

A consistently superior taste 

Our products are suited to a range of eating experiences and price points, but are united by a commitment to richness, taste and tenderness. 

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